Atten AT852D Hot Air Station

The ATTEN AT852D hot air soldering station is a unit with 550 watts of power, which means that the station quickly reaches operating temperature.


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Product number: AT852D
Manufacturer: Atten


The ATTEN AT852D hot air soldering station is a unit with 550 watts of power, which means that the station quickly reaches operating temperature. The temperature can be set manually between 100 and 480 degrees Celsius. The device has an adjustable flow rate (max. 23 L/min). With the two existing rotary knobs, temperature and volume flow can be regulated independently of each other. There are also a variety of built-in features such as an auto-sleep function, an overheating protection system, and a good cooling system that allows long-term operation.


  • Patented heater for rapid heating
  • Switchable between target and actual temperature.
  • Intelligent cooling system and delayed shutdown function to extend the life of the handpiece.
  • LCD screen for visualization of the control.
  • Temperature adjustment protection, automatic time-controlled switch-off.
  • MCU controlled temperature calibration, constant work compensation.
  • High airflow with brushless fan.
  • Convertible with Straight Air and Spiral Air.
  • Auto sleep function.


ATTEN AT852D features closed-loop and MCU zero-crossing design for fast heat-up, accurate and stable control. The LED screen to display working temperature and working status makes it easy to operate. The embedded sensor in the trigger piston enables an automatic sleep mode to save energy.

Temperature Settings

The intelligent cooling system allows for the maximum service life of the hot air gun. The device has an internal memory in which a number of frequently used temperature and airflow settings can be saved. Digital control for airflow classes (A25-A99). In addition to the hot air function, the device can also generate an air flow at room temperature to cool components.


Introducing the ST-852D hot air station

Technical Data

ModelAtten AT852D Heißluftstation-min
Power550 Watt
Temperature range100 - 480
Flow rate (air)23 L/min
ESD SafeYes
Airflow classesA25-A99
Power supply(100V/110V/120V||220V/230V/240V) 50/60Hz(Optional)
Pump typeMembranpumpe
Operating Temperatur0℃~40℃


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