Comparison Siglent SDS1104X-E vs. SDS1104X-U Oscilloscopes

Overview of the differences between the Siglent SDS1104X-E and SDS1104X-U models.


Oscilloscope Remote control TEK emulation mode

This application note describes the features and use of the Tektronix compatibility mode for remote control of the SIGLENT SDS5000X and SDS6000A series oscilloscopes.


Signent oscilloscope option table

Overview of options for the SDS2000X-E / Plus, SDS5000X & SDS6000A series.


Logic Analyzer vs. Oscilloscope | Distinguishing features

Oscilloscope or logic analyzer? Depending on what the user wants to achieve, a logic analyzer can provide more useful information.


Advantages of an I2C protocol analyzer over an oscilloscope

The ability to analyze accurately via I2C and SPI is of importance for debugging at the system and hardware level.