I2C vs SPI Protocol: Differences and Similarities

This article covers information about I2C and SPI, as well as their differences and pros and cons.

Serial Peripheral Interface

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)

Motorola invented the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) serial Bus to be able that microcontroller could be connected with peripheral devices or even that microcontroller could be connected to each other.


Single vs. Dual vs. Quad SPI | Differences & Similarities

Compared to classic SPI, in which only one data line is used, dual and quad SPI becomes two and four times data management, data of which the data throughput is two or four times.


UART vs SPI | Differences and Similarities

While UART and SPI both support full-duplex communication, both use “serial” communication in some way, and they are both only suitable for short-distance use cases, there are not too many similarities beyond that.


I2C, SPI, and USB Tools for AVR Developers

Die geeigneten USB Werkzeuge für AVR und AVR32 sowie für Serielle Busse für AVR Microcontroller.


Simulating Daisy Chain SPI for Battery Management Systems

The connection between the slaves and the master in a battery management system is implemented using a daisy chain.


Programming an SPI EEPROM Using Promira Serial Platform on Linux

In this article the Promira platform writes and reads mutiple bytes from AT25080A.