Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe

The Micsig DP10013 probe allows the measurement of 1000 V differential and common mode voltages.


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Product number: DP10013
Manufacturer: Micsig


This probe is remarkable value for money unlike any other we sell. A bandwidth of 100 MHz and a measuring range of up to 1300 V. Variable attenuation round off the package.

With the specifications that this probe offers, it can be widely used. This in combination with a low price makes the probe unique in the competition.

The probe is powered via a USB port, which makes it more portable as almost all oscilloscopes offer an external USB port. This eliminates the need for a separate power brick. A wide range of clamps and clips are supplied for measurements.


DP Probe Series - Overview

Technical Data

Model specificationDP20003-micsig-small
Bandwidth100 MHz
Rise time3,5 ns
Dampingx50, x500
Total area (DC+ACpp)130 V (50x)
1300 V (500x)
Max. Input voltage (compared to ground)1000 V, CAT I
CMRR> 80 dB (DC)
> 60 dB (100 KHz)
> 50 dB (1 MHz)
Output voltage≤ 3 V
Energy supplyUSB (5V), 0,85 W
Cable lengthsInput: 60 cm
Output: 90 cm
Dimensions145 x 60 x 27 mm
Model comparisonDP20003-micsig-small
Max. Voltage±700 V at 100:1 Mode±750 V at 500:1 Mode±1300 V at 500:1 Mode±5600 V at 2000:1 Mode
Attenuation10:1, 100:150:1, 500:150:1, 500:1200:1, 2000:1
Bandwidth100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz