Aldec FMC-ADAS Automotive Daughter Card

The FMC ADAS daughter board was developed to enable prototyping and evaluation of designs for automotive with TySOM boards.

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Product number: FMC-ADAS
Manufacturer: Aldec


The FMC ADAS Daughter Board was developed to enable prototyping and evaluation of designs for automotive and driver assistance systems with TySOM and HES motherboards.

It extends the basic functionality of an FPGA board by providing interfaces and peripherals for HSD cameras, RADAR, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors, which form the basis for ADAS applications. For example, 360° akovision or reversing camera applications and supporting algorithms can be evaluated with HSD cameras connected directly to the FPD-Link III deserializer (Texas Instruments DS90UB914Q-Q1) on an FMC ADAS board.

The daughter card uses a standard FMC HPC connector for both signal I/O and power. It includes a voltage regulator to support 5V devices and all the necessary voltage level switches to allow connection to FPGA I/O that operate at 1.8V.

Components & Interfaces

  • 5x FPD-Link III deserializers (DS90UB914Q-Q1) terminated with HSD camera connectors
  • Support URM37 V4 module with RS-232 transceiver (MAX3218) and 12-bit ADC (AD7998) for analog signal
  • LIDAR-Lite V2 module interface with 5V voltage levels
  • Buzzer
  • 2x LVDS clock oscillators: 100MHz, 200MHz
  • I2C interface with EEPROM for FMC configuration data
  • 12x status LEDs


  • Main board connector:
    • FPGA mezzanine card connector according to ANSI / VITA 57.1 FMC standard
  • Peripherals ports
    • 5x HSD camera connectors
    • Connection for URM37 V4 ultrasonic sensor
    • Standard gold pin 1x9, 2.54mm pitch
    • Connector for PulsedLight LIDAR-Lite_V2 with standard gold pin 1x6, 2.54mm spacing, 5V level shifter
    • I2C connector with standard gold pin 2x5, 2.54mm spacing