Jtag Microcontroller Code Debugger


A debugger is basically a tool for diagnosing and finding errors in computer systems, especially in programs, but also in the hardware required for execution. Today, JTAG is used to configure FPGAs and CPLDs, as well as to debug and program microcontrollers. Parallel-programmable memory such as flash memory, which is connected directly to an IC with a JTAG port, can therefore be reprogrammed in the installed state because the IC for the memory chip can emulate a programming device.

By using a Multilink, the user can use the background debug mode to stop normal processor execution and control the processor with a PC via USB. The user can then directly control the execution of the target, read/write registers and memory values, view the debug code on the processor, and program internal or external FLASH memory devices. The USB Multilink Universal FX model can also supply 3.3V or 5V to the target microcontroller.