PEmicro develops and manufactures debug and ISP programming tools for a wide variety of ARM® devices. Founded in 1982, PEmicro developed the first universal programmer with reconfigurable outputs that allowed engineers to program memory from a wide range of device manufacturers with a single tool. Today, PEmicro continues this universal programming philosophy with its flagship products, both for advanced debugging tools and production ISP programming tools.

On the development side, PEmico's Multilink Debug Testers support many advanced debug features such as power measurement, real-time printout view, SWO data capture and printf capture. The tools are seamlessly integrated with a variety of popular third-party IDEs. For example, an Eclipse-based plug-in integrates these testers with any GDB-based Eclipse IDE.

In production, Pemicro's Cyclone ISP programmers are among the fastest, most advanced and safest programming tools on the market. The CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX series programmers can be very easily automated or manually operated in stand-alone mode to safely program target devices. The CYCLONE FX programmer is PEmicro's flagship product and offers some powerful and unique improvements in memory size, programming speed and data security.

For PEmicro, a commitment to providing professional, cost-effective development tools and prompt knowledgeable customer support is part of the company's philosophy. 

Over the years, PEmicro has been fortunate to build many great relationships that have contributed to its success. Although much has changed over the years, PEmicro has always practiced the same philosophy: they strive to design world-class products that are both thoughtful and reliable to make the entire development cycle faster and easier.



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