Repair of freezed bricked Intel Galileo board with Dediprog SF100

If your Intel® Galileo board is no longer heard, you should receive the Windows * com driver.


I2C Slave Addressing with 7-bit, 8-bit, and 10-bit

The NXP (formerly Philips) I2C specification specifies various slave addressing schemes


PEmicro GDB Server | Debugging ARM Cortex-M Microcontroller

The PEmicro GDB server now supports the sequence control and FLASH programming of many ARM devices using GNU GDB debugger tools in addition to the PEmicro hardware interfaces.


Introduction of on chip debugging

If set for BDM then the Control Module not the CPU decides what will happen next. 


S32K3xx Secure Debug Support

NXP has released a new, scalable S32K3xx device family that features an advanced secure debug mechanism.


Production programming of NXP i.MX RT10xx with Secure Boot

Learn more about the i.MX security features and watch a demonstration of how to create a secure i.MX RT10xx programming image.


Read the device ID (SPI Flash) with Aardvark Total Phase

This article describes how to use the Aardvark adapter to read the device ID from memory.


Performing random reads with an I2C slave

This article covers the implementation of I2C read processes using the Atmel AT24C02 I2C EEPROM as an example.


Advantages of an I2C protocol analyzer over an oscilloscope

The ability to analyze accurately via I2C and SPI is of importance for debugging at the system and hardware level.