Serial Peripheral Interface

Programming technology

A suitable solution for every chip

Finding the right programming device is difficult due to the large number of different chips and packages. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of programmers suitable for both prototyping and production programming.


120000 Supported chips
28 Supported IC types
38 Supported packages
30 Various programmers


Programmer selection guide

Below you will get help in choosing the right programmer. You have the possibility to choose the right programmer for your application or according to a special chip.

Which programmer fits my application?
This guide will help you choose the right programmer for your application with just 5 questions.
How do you want to program?
Question 1 of 5
Should the programmer have an automation interface?
Question 2 of 5
Should the programmer work standalone or PC based?
Question 3 of 5
Should serial memories be programmed?
Question 4 of 5
Do you need the support of the following IC types?
Question 5 of 5

Do you have a specific chip that you want to program?

Our partners offer selection wizards or overviews that you can use to determine the compatible programmer and, if applicable, the compatible socket by entering the part number of the chip.

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