Battery Tester


With the rapid development of the portable electronics and hybrid electric vehicle industry, internal battery resistance testers must be suitable for fast and accurate testing. We offer a full range of internal battery resistance testers, available in both professional high-precision benchtop design and portable with small models, suitable for both production application and laboratory measurement.

The battery testers are equipped with a variety of interfaces and are suitable for testing large battery packs and low resistance lithium-ion batteries with high accuracy, resolution and speed. Multi-channel units are also available for integration into a production line, allowing simultaneous testing of up to 24 batteries. The testable voltage range is 10uV to 1000V. 

Applications of the testers range from high-precision battery pack and high-voltage battery testing as found in electric vehicle batteries to internal resistance/voltage detection for high-precision lithium batteries, evaluation of battery aging and life, including ESR testing of supercapacitors (low internal resistance capacitors), and inspection and sorting on all types of batteries, such as lithium batteries, button batteries, alkaline batteries and lead-acid batteries.