Acute Technology Inc.


Acute Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based company, which has been manufacturing PC-based test and measurement equipment since 1996. The product portfolio includes the TravelLogic logic analyzers, the TravelData data generators, the TravelScope digital storage oscilloscopes, the ADP series of high-voltage differential probes and the TravelBus 2-in-1 analyzer (protocol and logic) series.

The TravelLogic features 2GHz timing analysis, many bus triggers including SD3.0/eMMC4.5 and almost 90 free bus decodes. It can also be stacked with many standalone DSOs to form an MSO.

TravelScope series DSO has 1GS/s S/R and 200MHz bandwidth, 128MS memory, 16bits high vertical resolution. The ADP1025 differential probe has a bandwidth of 25 MHz, an operating range of +/-700 V and a pulse strength of 2,500 V.

The TravelBus is a protocol and logic analyzer with USB3.0 interface; it features an I2C/DP_AUX port with Schmitt trigger, differential CAN FD, RS485/RS422 and ProfiBus ports, another example of a high quality test and measurement device from Acute.



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