FPGA Prototyping Boards


Regardless of whether the design targets an ASIC, ASSP or FPGA, design prototyping is an essential verification method in any IC project. Prototyping can be implemented in different hardware configurations and technologies depending on the complexity of the design. In all cases, the use of FPGA-based platforms has become de facto due to the versatility and maturity of FPGAs. The abundance of the FPGA market makes it easy to find the appropriate FPGA parts that meet the required amount of DSP, RAM, and logic resources for most applications. Besides the basic basic elements called primitives, today's FPGAs contain complex blocks such as microprocessor subsystems or peripheral PHY blocks that enable the implementation of Systems-on-Chip (SoC) with high-speed communication interfaces and various standards such as PCI Express, USB, SATA, QSFP+ and enable the like.

Building the prototyping platform from scratch with such complex FPGA devices would be both time consuming and risky. 


RTAX / RTSX prototyping

Our RTAX/RTSX prototyping solutions provide a reconfigurable platform for the Microsemi RTAX-S/SL, RTAX-DSP and RTSX-SU space flight design systems. Unlike traditional space-ready OTP (One Time Programmable) FPGAs, the Aldec prototype adapter Microsemi ™ ProASIC3E FPGAs that enable designers to prototype their design with greater routing flexibility, more switches, lower power consumption, non-volatile reprogrammability, and more netlist optimization.


FPGA embedded solutions

Embedded systems have been in our cars, houses, cities, factories, etc. for years. They are found in professional tools as well as personal devices and entertainment devices. Embedded systems have long been dominated by microcontrollers and DSP processors, often with FPGA parts used as glue or control logic for various peripherals such as sensors and actuators. The TySOM embedded systems product line includes powerful embedded prototyping boards that can be used to create even more complex embedded systems.

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