AWS IoT Greengrass on TYSOM Boards

What is AWS IOT Greengrass?

Every day, new devices are popping up in homes, offices, hospitals, factories, and thousands of other places that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is clear that they need to be connected to the internet and that a large amount of raw data needs to be collected, stored and processed in the cloud.

Many data centers are available for storing the data. However, only a few offer functions specifically for IoT applications. One of the most comprehensive cloud-based IoT services available is IoT Greengrass from Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables edge devices to react locally to the devices networked by data, and offers secure bidirectional communication between the IoT devices and the AWS cloud for management, analysis and storage.

By using AWS Greengrass IoT, devices can keep data in sync even when they are not connected to the internet. They can also run AWS Lambda functions and make predictions based on the machine learning models provided by AWS.

FPGA based IoT SOC Devices

FPGA-based system-on-chip devices are becoming increasingly popular as edge processing units among IoT devices. Their high performance and low performance, as well as their reconfigurability, make it an ideal setup for IoT devices.

Among all SoCs, Xilinx Zynq devices have become very popular thanks to the flexibility of providing multi-core hardened ARM processors along with FPGA storage space all integrated into a single chip.

TySOM Prototyping Boards

TySOM is a family of development boards for embedded applications that have all Xilinx® Zynq ™ programmable modules that combine the FPGA with the ARM® Cortex processor. Thanks to the large number of peripheral devices supplied, the boards are suitable for various embedded applications such as automotive, IoT, industrial automation or embedded HPC.

AWS  IoT Greengras on TySOM Prototyping Boards

TySOM Embedded Development Boards are qualified by AWS to run AWS IoT Greengrass. AWS IoT Greengrass extends AWS capabilities to the edge devices by allowing them to take action on the data generated by the IoT devices while still using management, analytics, and persistent storage. With IoT Greengrass, the connected devices can execute AWS Lambda functions and Docker containers and communicate securely with other devices, even if they are not connected to the cloud system. In addition, AWS IoT Greengrass maintains data synchronization of the device and makes predictions based on machine learning models. It can be programmed to filter device data, manage the lifecycle of that data, and send only the information it needs back to AWS.

TySOM Embedded Development Boards have passed the requirement tests for AWS IoT Greengrass. TySOM users get the hardware and software they need to launch their IoT applications with AWS Greengrass.

TySOM cards can be used either as a main edge processing device or as a gateway to the AWS cloud. The AWS IoT Greengrass core extends the cloud functions to the TySOM board. It enables the TySOM card to establish a connection with devices in an IoT system, execute Lambda functions, synchronize and secure communication between devices, even if it is not connected to the Internet / cloud. Aldec is here to help your engineers with their IoT applications.


AWS IoT Greengrass Core Software Functions

  • Provision and local execution of connectors and Lambda functions.
  • Process data streams locally with automatic exports to the AWS cloud.
  • MQTT messages over the local network between devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.
  • MQTT messages between AWS IoT and devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.
  • Secure the connections between devices and the cloud using device authentication and authorization.
  • Local shadow synchronization of devices. Shadows can be configured to sync with the cloud.
  • Providing cloud-trained machine learning models to perform local inferences.
  • Automatic IP address detection that enables devices to discover the Greengrass core device.
  • Secure, encrypted storage of local secrets and controlled access through connectors and Lambda functions.

TySOM cards support a variety of peripherals that can be used for IoT applications such as USB 3.0, 2.0, Pmod, HDMI, mPCIe and many more. In addition, a portfolio of FMC daughter cards can expand the peripheral devices on the motherboard according to your needs. For more information on the AWS IoT Greengrass solution, please contact us.

TySOM Embedded Prototyping Boards

Thanks to the wide range of included peripherals, the boards are suitable for various embedded applications such as automotive, IoT, industrial automation or embedded HPC.

TySOM-3A Embedded Prototyping Board
TySOM-3A-ZU19EG provides real-time control with soft and combined hard engines for SoC prototyping solutions, IP verification, graphics, video, packet processing and early software development.

Price on request

TySOM-1 Prototyping Board
The TySOM-1 with Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable FPGA is suitable for a wide range of embedded designs.

Price on request

TySOM-2 Prototyping Board
TySOM-2 is a compact prototyping board that comes with the XC7Z100 chip - the largest capacity IC among the Zynq 7000 family.

Price on request