Hopetech HT3561 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

The HT3561 is suitable for testing low resistance batteries & high capacity lithium battery packs.


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Product number: HT3561
Manufacturer: Hopetech


The high-precision battery internal resistance test series HT3561 was developed for the latest measurement requirements in the battery industry. The device is suitable for testing low-resistance batteries, high-capacity lithium battery packs and precise quality inspection on the production line.

The HT3561 guarantees high-precision battery internal resistance testing with a resolution of 0.01 mΩ at a maximum test voltage of 20 V and a minimum feedback time of 15 mS. Equipped with RS232 interface and handler interface, the HT3561 offers automation functions for integration into test and production lines.


  • High-speed scanning test with a minimum response time of 15ms for fast sorting in the production line
  • Test voltage up to 20V possible for performance testing of the battery pack
  • High-resolution resistance and voltage adjustment
  • Anti-interference function protects against measurement inaccuracies caused by interference
  • Export data to internal storage
  • Maximum testing speed 66 measurements/second​

Software features

Applications of the HT3561 Battery Analyzer

    • High-precision lithium battery internal resistance tests and automatic voltage detection
    • Support for automated test equipment for use in test lanes
    • Evaluation of battery degradation status and lifetime
    • Super capacitor ESR testing

Other fields of application

Multi-channel models HT3563/A-12H/24H

The multi-channel models HT3563 -12H/24H perform the internal resistance and voltage sorting test of a 24-channel battery precisely and quickly. Based on the identical test circuitry of the HT3563, this device's test speed and accuracy are industry-leading. HT3563A Multi-channel Resistance Tester can be used for both single-channel test and multi-channel test

If the battery needs more than 24-channel testing, or more channels are needed for multi-channel sorting, or tests for multiple batteries are needed, the external multi-channel scanning card is the perfect solution for you. The card can be used for 10 - 64 channels.


Areas of application of the multi-channel models

  • Automatic sorting system for lithium batteries
  • Multiple battery packs
  • Simultaneous measurement of several batteries
  • Measurement of electric vehicle battery packs

Technical Data

Device specification3561-multi-channel-Economic-Battery-internal- meter_ml
Display8.9 cm TFT LCD display
Measurement parametersEquivalent Series Resistance (ESR), V (DC)
Resistance Accuracy0.5%
Resistance Range0.01mΩ - 3.1Ω
Voltage Accuracy0.01%
Voltage Range0.1mV - 20V
signal sourceMeasurement current frequency 1kHz
open circuit voltage 7V
test current <10mA
Measuring range2 different ranges - 300mΩ, 3Ω, full range auto and manual test mode
Measurement speed66 measurements/second | 30M/s | 10 M/s |  3M/s
CalibrationShort circuit reset for all areas; REL function
comporator30 records, 4 sort levels, counting number of sorts per level
Trigger ModesInternal/manual( optional external trigger)
InterfacesRS-232C, handler (PLC interface), LAN (optional)
Power supply90V~250V | Frequency: 47Hz~400Hz
Dimensions & weight325mm (L) x 215mm (W) x 96.5mm (D)
Weight: 3kg