Dediprog SF100 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

The SF100 is a high speed ISP programmer for updating the on-board soldered SPI flash.


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Product number: SF100
Manufacturer: Dediprog


The SF100 is a high-speed "in-system programming" programmer for updating the on-board soldered SPI flash or Freescale MCU with Ezport. The programmer can be easily controlled via USB with DediProg software for SF series from any computer, providing the user with a user-friendly interface and powerful functions.

Hardware Features

  • SPI Flash In System Programming
  • SPI Flash Socket Programming (SF100 Bottom Board required)
  • Power supply of the target IC
  • Manual start button to initiate programming
  • USB control via PC
  • Support of 1 CS pin
  • Built-in signal conflict protection

Software Features

  • PC based SF100 programming software with different modes:
    • Engineering Mode features advanced developer and repair functions
    • Production mode for simultaneous control of multiple SF100 programmers
    • Command line to control the SF100 by user-defined software
    • Supports Windows 2003 (32 bit and 64 bit) and higher


  • Updating of the serial flash soldered to the board with or without power supply
  • Prototyping or low volume production, for socket programming the bottom board is required
  • Control application, controller reset and MOSFET isolation status
  • Update of the internal flash (Ezport MCF5223, MCF5221, MCF5213) or the external SPI flash (SBF interface MCF5445, MCF5227) of the Freescale MCU

Hardware Details

SF100 is equipped with an ISP header through a suitable connector; users can connect the programmer and control the SPI signals, provide the memory, and control the controller or application status. See Table 1 for the pinout of the SF100 2x7 header. Dediprog also offers the SF100 ISP cable, which is used to connect the SF100 programmer to the 2 x 4 2.54 mm ISP pin header on the board, see Table 2 for the 2 x 4 pin pinout of the SF100 ISP cable.

To get a clear understanding of the different ISP or backup boot methods and the different reference schemes, please download the special application notes below in the documentations section.

Pin Layout of the ISP Header

Pin NumberLineLinePin Number
3I/O2 or CS2NC4

High-Speed Programming

IC NumberSizeProgramm + Verifiy
W25X80VSSIG8 Mb11s
W25Q16VSSIG16 Mb15s
W25Q32VSSIG32 Mb20.5s
W25Q64FVSSIG64 Mb48.5s
W25Q128BVFIG128 Mb94s
W25Q256FVFIG256 Mb157s
S25FL512SAFMFI011512 Mb297s


Supported ICs

With the help of the Flash programming software of the SF series a multitude of SPI Flashs can be easily flashed. With our selection wizard you get an insight which ICs are already supported. 


Connection setup between board and SF100 with ISP cable

Technical Data

Model comparisonDediprog SF100 Programmer small
Dediprog SF600 Plus Programmer small
SF600 Plus
Dediprog SF700 Programmer small
Dediprog K110 Programmer Small
Dediprog StarProg-A EPROMM SPI Flash Programmierer small
Dediprog StarProg-U Programmer small
Dediprog NuPROG-E2 Universal Programmer small
Supported IC typesSPI NOR FlashSPI Flash NORSPI NOR, SPI NAND and SPI Octa NOrSPI NOR, SPI NAND, and EEPROMMCU, CPLD, SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash, and EEPROMAll IC Types (Except UFS)UFS (Up to 180 MB/s) eMMC (Up to 100 MB/s)
In system programmingXX
Socket programming✓ Mit Bottom Board
✓ One programming site (site)✓ One programming site (site)✓ One programming site (site)✓ One programming site (site)✓ One programming site (site)✓ One programming site (site)
SoftwareSF SoftwareSF SoftwareSF SoftwareDediwareDediwareDediwareDediware
3rd Party IntegrationCLICLIATE Port, CLIATE Port, CLIATE Port, CLI, DLL API (Optional)CLIX


Backup Boot Flash Module-SO8N(150mil)
The Backup Boot Flash is a flexible tool designed to force the MCU to work with the Backup SPI Flash.

ISP Adapter for SPI (SF100/SF700 compatible)
ISP-SPI-SF14 is the ISP adapter of the SF700, which is also compatible with the SF100 pin.

ISP adaptor for SPI and IIC
The adapter has a 14-pin ICP connector for SPI/IIC programming and a 10-pin ATE connector.

SF100 Bottom Board V3
The SF100 bottom board is used to enable offline programming for SPI flashes via the SF100 programmer.

SF100 Universal Adaptor
The universal adapter has a 2x5 pin out and is suitable for the SF100 programmer.

10-Pin ISP Split Cable (2.00mm)
The 10-pin split cable has a 14-pin header that can be connected directly to the SF100 ISP header.

BBF Testclip (SO16W 300mil)
The BBF SO16W Test Clip is used to connect the Backup Boot Flash Tool to the Main Serial Flash on the board.

Intel ISP Adapter-B
The Intel ISP Adapter B is used to connect the SF600-G2/SF600Plus to the Intel motherboard.