Dediprog NuProgPlus-U16 Universal Gang Programmer & Duplicator

USB 3.1 powerful universal programmer, support EEPROM, Flash, MCU, eMMC, UFS, PCI-E SSD and CANbus devices.


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Product number: NuProgPlus-U16
Manufacturer: Dediprog


The NuProgPlus Series is a powerful universal programmer that supports programming of EEPROM, Flash, MCU, eMMC, UFS, PCI-E SSD and CAN Bus devices. It can also duplicate PCI-E, eMMC and UFS devices. With the completely newly developed FPGA kernel architecture, the total number of sockets can be expanded up to 16 SPI flash programming or 16 eMMC/UFS IC duplication in parallel. NuProgPlus-U16 is the manual operation model of NuProgPlus series. With the project file(s) the user can use the LCD and keypad to perform programming or duplication without a PC. The hand press jig is an optional accessory that allows the user to easily select and place the ICs.


  • The completely newly developed FPGA kernel architecture offers extremely high programming speed 
  • Supports both copy mode and program mode
  • Flexible to support various programmable ICs/devices on the market
    • Supports various memory ICs: UFS, eMMC, SPI NOR, SPI NAND, Parallel NOR, Parallel NAND, and EEPROM
    • MCU, CPLD and FPGA support
    • Supports PCI-E SSD and CAN bus devices
    • Supports various IC packages: CSP, BGA, QFN, QFP, SOP, TSOP, SSOP, PLCC, DIP, etc.
    • Supports various file formats: Binary (bin/rom), Intel Hex (h16/h20/hex), Motorola S19 (mhx/mot/s19/srec) and the specific file format of MCU IC
  • Supports up to 8 programming sockets (only 4 sockets for PCI-E, but can be expanded to 16 sockets for SPI Flash/UFS/eMMC)
  • Duplicate for UFS/eMMC/PCI-E (Master IC/device is required as data source)
    • Duplicate UFS data, LUN configuration and descriptors/attributes/flags. (RPMB duplication is not supported)
    • Duplication of eMMC boot area, GPP, user area and ExtCSD.  (RPMB duplication is not supported)
    • Duplicate PCI-E SSD in different modes (whole disk, selected partition with specific percentage)
  • Supports NAND Flash Skip Bad Block Management and partition file (CSV/DEF/MBN)
  • Project file support for production programming
    • Built-in high-speed storage to save project files or project folders for more stable and faster transfer
    • Project download speed up to 100MB/s
    • Press the start button to start programming after loading the project file to avoid the operator loading the wrong image file or selecting the wrong IC part number
  • Three different launch modes to increase productivity
  • Manual mode
    • Automatic detection mode
    • Handler mode
    • The PC can connect to multiple NuProgPlus-U16 and program ICs at the same time
    • With the stand-alone function, the user can program without a computer and only need to operate the LCD keyboard

Software modes

Supported ICs

With the help of the Dediware software and the NuProgPlus-U16, a large number of ICs can be easily programmed. Our selection assistant gives you an insight into which ICs are already supported and which socket is suitable. 


How to find a suitable IC Socket

Technical Data

Device specificationDediprog-NuProgPlus-U16-min
ArchitectureHigh speed ARM and FPGA architecture
Internal Hard Drive256GB SSD
programming interfaceSocket Adapter
Supported IC categoryEEPROM, MCU, SPI NOR/NAND flash, parallel NOR/NAND flash, CPLD, eMMC/EMCP
Support IC packageCSP, BGA, QFN, SOP, TSOP, SSOP, PLCC, DIP, etc.
PC connection interfaceSuper Speed USB 3.1 Gen 1