Repair of freezed bricked Intel Galileo board with Dediprog SF100

If your Intel® Galileo board stops responding, you should check the Windows * com driver.
The following describes the process for repairing a bricked or unresponsive Intel Galileo board.


Check whether your firmware is damaged before flashing new firmware on the Galileo board.

To do this, connect a serial cable and open the BIOS. If you see the message "ASSERT_EFI_ERROR", the firmware is damaged. In this case you have to flash a new firmware.


The following things are required for this

  • Intel Galileo motherboard
  • Image (bin file)
  • SF-100 Dediprog
  • 2x5 Dediprog cables
  • Dediprog engineering software

Note that changing the firmware using this method will result in an incorrect Mac address. An incorrect MAC address is not a problem, except when repairing two Intel Galileo motherboards using this method, which are connected to the same network.

Follow the steps below to flash the new firmware onto your device

1. Download and install the Dediprog software.

2. Remove all power supplies from the Intel Galileo motherboard, USB and power.

3. Connect the SF100 Dediprog Programmer with the 2x5 cable to the Intel Galileo Board.

4. Connect the Dediprog SF100 programmer to the system on which the Dediprog software is running. (If the device remains undetected, please install the Dediprog device driver)


5. Click Start>Programs>Dediprog>Dediprog Engineering. Select the flash chip version W25Q64FV and click OK.
6.Click File > Browse and select the file to flash.

7.Click Stack. This step identifies, erases and programs the chip. This step also checks the programming.

8.Disconnect the SF-100 from the Intel Galileo motherboard.

9. Boot the Intel Galileo motherboard.


SF100 SPI NOR Flash Programmer from Dediprog

The SF100 is a high-speed programmer for "in-system programming" for updating the SPI flash soldered on board or the Freescale MCU with Ezport. The programmer is controlled via the USB bus by the DediProg software on the computer and offers a user-friendly interface and powerful functions.