Atten CS-05B soldering tip cleaner

Soldering tip cleaner for effective soldering tip cleaning from brass chips.


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Product number: CS-05B
Manufacturer: Atten


Soldering Tip Cleaner - Effective soldering tip cleaning. Conventional cleaning sponges for soldering tips have to be kept wet at all times. With this "spiral wiper wool" this process is not necessary.

Dip the tip in the brass wool and twist to clean. A fine film of solder remains on the soldering tip to protect against oxidation. The brass wool should only be used in the appropriate container.


  • made from brass chips
  • no water necessary
  • no drop in temperature as with conventional sponges
  • cleans better than conventional sponges
  • plastic holder
  • faster duty cycle
  • cleaner tips have better heat transfer
  • doesn `t rust