PEmicro UNITS12Z Software Library

The software package consists of an interface DLL and sample code for S12Z processors.


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Product number: UNITS12Z
Manufacturer: PEmicro


The software package consists of interface routines that control the PEmicro interfaces Multilink Universal, Multilink FX, CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX. The package contains both C/C++ and PASCAL modules. The C and PASCAL modules in UNITS12Z are supplied as example source code which is linked to the DLL to control the hardware interface. The UNITS12Z library is very useful, for example, to create your own test equipment for production lines, or to create your own custom application to perform functions such as product testing, calibration, and updating. The demo programs included in the package show you how to initialize the interface, create program registers, download code to memory, and step through the code. Starting with these programs, it's easy to customize them to meet your specific needs. Applications created with the supplied 32-bit DLL can also be run on the 64-bit operating systems.


  • Suitable for S12Z processors
  • Works with Multilink Universal, Multilink FX, CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX
  • Allows access to Background Debug Mode (BDM)
  • Included in the package are C/C++ and PASCAL modules
  • Source and executables for C and PASCAL demos
Content of PEmicro UNIT Software Library

Unterstützte Compiler

  • UNITS12Z: MicrosoftVisual C++ 5.0 or later, Delphi 2.0 or later
    • Development platform: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit.

License Information

The license of the software with the part number UNITxxx allows the binary files (DLL/so and driver) to be distributed to up to five target PCs according to the terms of the license agreement.

For a license to distribute to an unlimited number of PCs, the user must instead order the license with part number UNITxxx_DIST.