Sensepeek 6003 PCBite and SQ10 Sample Kit

The kit contains PCBite plantine holders and 4x SQ10 probes.


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Product number: SP6003
Manufacturer: Sensepeek


No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to set it up, just position the probe needle at any test point or component in the signal path.

Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs.

The minimalist design and spring-loaded probe needle allow simultaneous measurement of fine pitch components and nearby signals.

The probe is stable yet flexible and is suitable for instant measurements or completely hands-free operation together with your multimeter, logic analyser or favourite tool.

The dual pin header connector fits directly onto a 2.54 mm (0.100 inch) connector.

The SP10, like all PCBite probes and holders, has a strong magnet in the base that makes it easy to place and reposition the probe.


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