Serosys DeskCAN FD Adapter & Protocol Analyser

The DeskCAN FD is a powerful 2 channel CAN analysis & stimulation tool designed for laboratory use.


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Product number: DeskCAN-FD
Manufacturer: Serosys


The DeskCAN FD extends the compatibility of the DeskCAN to support CAN FD

The DeskCAN FD is a professional CAN hardware module designed to enhance the capabilities of your project with advanced features and more performance. 

This model is equipped with an improved microcontroller that supports higher CAN bus traffic and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It is equipped with male and female DB9 connectors for efficient looping of CAN bus traffic. The device facilitates the triggering of CAN message events and has a versatile API interface.

DeskCAN FD enables the transmission of macro messages and is ideal for professionals looking for a robust solution for demanding CAN bus applications.


  • Supports CAN FD
  • Supports CAN bus systems with high data throughput
  • CAN Trigger: Supports the triggering of events based on CAN messages.
  • API available: API for integration into user-defined programmes
  • Termination resistor: 120 ohm termination
  • Free analysis and monitoring software: Enables simple and effective use of the device without additional software costs
  • Macro message sending: Enables the sending of predefined macro messages.
  • Dual CAN bus monitoring: Complete monitoring of both CAN buses possible.
  • DB9 connectors: Male and female ports for efficient bus tapping.
  • API interface: For integration into customised applications and systems.
  • Versatile application possibilities: Ideal for diagnostics, development and testing in automotive and industrial applications.

SLSS CAN Analyzer

The CAN analysers, stimulators and loggers from Serosys are advanced analysis tools for CAN bus systems, ideal for use in automotive and industrial applications. The associated software is characterised by ease of use and the ability to run multiple instances simultaneously, enabling flexible and efficient monitoring and diagnostics. This makes it particularly attractive for customers who need to manage and optimise complex networks. The software is completely free of charge, whereas other manufacturers charge high licence fees.

Technical Data

Model comparisonPocket CANDesk CANDesk CAN FDStorage CANLab CANCar CAN
Bus typeDual (single view)DualDualDualDualSingle
Connection typeMaleMale + FemaleMale + FemaleMale + FemaleMale + FemaleMale
Terminating resistorX
Data reception and log*
Data transmission*
Gateway functionXXXX
CAN message event triggerXX
API interfaceXX
Standalone master capabilityXXXX


*Pocket CAN is designed for buses with low traffic volumes.