Siglent CP4070A Probe

Die CP4070A Sonde von Siglent ist eine Stromzange mit 300 KHz.


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Product number: CP4070A
Manufacturer: Siglent


The CP4070A probe is a 200 amp current probe with a bandwidth of 300 KHz.

Technical Data

SpecificationsCP4050 - Small
Maximum Continuous Current50 Arms
Peak Current140A
Switching Ratio500mV/A; 5mV/A
DC Measurement Accuracy500mV/A (20mA-14 Apk) ±3%±20mA; 50 mV/A (200 mA-100 ApK) ±4% ± 200mA; 50mV/A (100A-140ApK)±15%
Power9V battery
Weight400 grams