Atten ST-8802 2 in 1 Rework Station

The ATTEN ST-8802 2 in 1 Rework Station includes an 800W hot air station and a 65W soldering station.


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Product number: ST-8802
Manufacturer: Atten


The 2 in 1 system offers a large LCD screen on which the soldering and air temperature can be intuitively set. Three different air and soldering temperatures can be easily programmed individually and can be called up directly by pressing the corresponding selection button. In addition, the soldering and hot air module has a sleep mode function that automatically lowers the temperature or switches off the device to ensure a longer service life of the device and the soldering tips. Furthermore, a password protection function, key lock function, timer function and a function for compensating temperature fluctuations in the workspace are available. In addition, the system automatically detects connected tools and automatically sets the functions and parameters to them.


  • Intelligent cooling system is provided and can automatically delay the air supply when the unit is turned off, which can greatly extend the life of the heater core and holder.
  • Sprial heater core is used, which can contribute to longer service life.
    The holder of the hot air gun has been redesigned to make the air more uniform. It is not easy to damage, which is suitable for maintenance, storage and transportation. Has an independent cold air function to cool components.
  • The brush release vortex fan provides constant air flow.


  • The soldering station uses a split heater core material that provides heat conduction and an extremely high temperature return rate.
  • Within 10 seconds, the station reaches the target temperature from room temperature to 350°C.
  • The front sensor ensures high accuracy of temperature control and good temperature stability.
  • The soldering iron handle holder is lightweight and comfortable, and includes a sensor that initiates sleep mode when detected inactivity.


ST-8802 Overview

Technical Data

SystemHot Air SystemSoldering System
Power800 W65 W
Temperature range100 - 500°C80 - 480°C
Volume flow (max)120 L/min-
Operating volume<52dB(A)-
Temperature for calibration-50~+50℃-50~+50℃
Password lockAvailableAvailable
Temperature stability5°C2°C
Earth resistance2 Ohm2 Ohm
Earth potential< 2mV< 2mV


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