Siglent SDG1032X Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The SDG1032X function generator has a bandwidth of 30 MHz, as well as 2 channels.


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Product number: SDG1032X
Manufacturer: Siglent


Siglent's SDG1032X is a dual-channel function generator with a bandwidth of 30 MHz.


  • Dual channel, with a bandwidth of up to 30 MHz and an amplitude of up to 20 Vpp
  • 150 MSa/s sampling rate, 14-bit vertical resolution and 16 kpts signal length
  • Innovative EasyPulse technology, capable of generating pulse waveforms with lower jitter, provides a wide range and extremely high precision in setting pulse width and rise/fall times
  • Innovative TrueArb technology supports user-defined waveforms from 2 to 16 kpts and user-defined sampling rates from 1 μSa/s to 30 MSa/s
  • Dedicated circuitry for square wave function, can generate square waves up to 60 MHz with jitter less than 300 ps + 0.05 ppm period
  • Many analog and digital modulation modes: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM
  • Sweep and burst functions
  • Harmonic generator function
  • Waveform combining function
  • High precision frequency counter
  • Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN (VXI-11)
  • Optional interface: GPIB
  • 4.3" TFT LCD display
SDG1032X - Front 

Hardware details

SIGLENT's SDG1000X is a series of dual-channel function/arbitrary signal generators with specifications that include a maximum bandwidth of up to 60 MHz, a sampling rate of 150 MSa/s, and a vertical resolution of 14 bits. The proprietary EasyPulse & TrueArb- technology helps address the weaknesses of conventional DDS generators in generating pulse waveforms, and the dedicated square wave generator is capable of generating square waveforms with a frequency of up to 60 MHz with low jitter. With these advantages, the SDG1000X can provide users with a variety of high-fidelity/low-jitter signals while meeting the growing demands of a wide range of complex and diverse applications.

 Product highlights


Waveform Generators- SDG1000X Series

Technical Data

Model comparisonSDG1032X - Small
SDG1062X - Small
Maximum output frequency30MHz60MHz
Maximum sample rate150MSa/s150MSa/s
Vertical Resolution14bit14bit
Signal Length16 kpts16 kpts
Display4.3" TFT LCD4.3" TFT LCD


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SDG-2-RMK Rackmount-Kit
The SDG-2-RMK rackmount kit is for two devices and is compatible with the function generators and digital multimeters.

SDG-RMK Rackmount-Kit
The SDG-RMK rackmount kit is compatible with Siglent's function generators and digital multimeters.

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USB-GPIB Adapter
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