Micsig ACP1000 Current clamp

The Micsig ACP1000 current clamp allows you to measure AC current from 100mA to 1000A with a bandwidth of 100 Hz to 100 KHz.


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Product number: ACP1000
Manufacturer: Micsig


The Micsig ACP current clamp offers a measurable range in AC current from 100mA to 1000A and a bandwidth from 100 Hz to 100 KHz. The ACP1000 has a max. accuracy of 1% and a noise of less than 1mV.  The compact design makes the ACP1000 current probe ideal for mobile applications and it can be used on Micsig oscilloscopes without an external power supply via the UPI multifunction interface.

The AC current probes can measure current signals with complex waveforms, such as transient inrush currents of power devices, sinusoidal currents of three-phase power systems, harmonic components of measured currents, current measurement of IGBTs and MOSFETs, etc.

The Micsig ACP 1000 is a current clamp probe for the Micsig SATO-, STO- and TO series portable and tablet oscilloscopes, as well as for other oscilloscopes with BNC. With an additional optional BNC-to-banana adapter (not included), the probe can also be used with multimeters.


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Technical Data

Model SpecificationMicsig-ACP1000-Stromsone-small
Bandwidth100 Hz - 100 KHz
Measuring range100 mA - 1000 A
Nominal output100 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 1 mV/A
Nominal load≥100 kΩ
Accuracy level3% ±10 mV/2% ±5 mV/1% ±1 mV
Highest accuracy1%
Max primary current2000A (2s)
Output signalmv/A
Operating temperature-15°C bis +75°C
Protection classCAT III 600 V
Max. Conductor size52 mm
Dimensions (mm)111 x 216 x 45
Output cable1.5 m BNC-insulated coaxial output cable can be connected directly to an oscilloscope. Can also be used with multimeters, requires optional BNC/banana adapter.