Micsig DP750-100 High Voltage Differential Probe

The Micsig DP750-100 probe is a high voltage differential probe capable of measuring up to 100MHz 750Vpk.


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Product number: DP750-100
Manufacturer: Micsig


The Micsig DP750-100 Probe is a high voltage differential probe capable of measuring up to 100MHz 750Vpk. This makes it convenient to measure high voltages with a mid range oscilloscope. Compared to other differential probes, the compact dimensions of this probe make it ideal for mobile use. In addition, this probe has a practical calibration button on the housing with which it can be set directly to the relative zero point. The probe has a very high compatibility and therefore works with almost every oscilloscope (for more information about oscilloscope support please contact the support).

The probe is powered via the USB port, with the Micsig tablet oscilloscopes the power port is unnecessary as the probes are powered from the UPI interface. In addition, the Micsig DP750-100 probe has shielded leads with very low noise floor. 


DP750-100 Probe - Overview

Technical Data

Model specificationDP750-1-micsig-hochspannungssonde-small
Bandwidth100 MHz
Rise time3,5 ns
Dampingx10, x100
Total area (DC+ACpp)70 V (10x)
700 V (100x)
Max. Input voltage (compared to ground)1000 V, CAT I
CMRR≤ -80 dB (50 Hz)
≤ -60 dB (20 KHz)
≤ -50 dB (1 MHz)
≤ -40 dB (10 MHz)
Output voltage≤ 7 V
Power supplyUSB (5V), 1,25 W
Cable lengthsInput: 45 cm
Output: 90 cm
Dimensions145 x 60 x 27 mm
Model comparisonDP20003-micsig-small
Max. Voltage±700 V at 100:1 Mode±750 V at 500:1 Mode±1300 V at 500:1 Mode±5600 V at 2000:1 Mode
Attenuation10:1, 100:150:1, 500:150:1, 500:1200:1, 2000:1
Bandwidth100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz