Passmark BatteryMon Software

Passmark BatteryMon software is a software for Windows to diagnose laptop batteries.


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Product number: PM007
Manufacturer: Passmark


The Passmark BatteryMon software is a software for Windows to diagnose laptop batteries.


  • Diagnose problem battery cells with detailed statistics
  • Compare and measure your batteries' performance against expected discharge rates
  • Find the critical discharge point for your batteries
  • Uniquely identify battery packs for tracking purposes or system inventory
  • Log the performance of a battery for later reference

Feature-rich WiFi diagnostic tool

BatteryMon can graphically display the state of charge of your batteries in real time, along with an extrapolated trend line and a comparison trend line. A log file is maintained of battery charge level and other statistics for later analysis. Typical users include portable computer repair centers, system integrators, server administrators who need to manage laptops, and home users trying to diagnose battery problems.

BatteryMon provides you with detailed system and status information about each installed battery (useful when multiple batteries are in use).
BatteryMon in mini-window mode stays on your desktop and allows you to keep track of charge/discharge status of multiple batteries, as well as life percentage, estimated run time and more.

Why do batteries break?

Due to their chemical nature, batteries are susceptible to wear, corrosion, leakage and complete failure due to events such as short circuits and lightning strikes. Because they tend to fail and degrade over time, it's important to be able to see and monitor their performance.

Monitoring the health of your notebook or laptop battery is now easy with PassMark BatteryMon.