Atten ST-8800D Hot Air Station

The ATTEN ST-8800D hot air soldering station is a unit with 800 watts of power, which allows the station to reach operating temperature very quickly.


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Product number: ST-8800D
Manufacturer: Atten


The ATTEN ST-8800D hot air soldering station is a unit with 800 watts of power, which allows the station to reach operating temperature very quickly. The temperature can be set manually between 100 and 500 degrees °C or set to one of three user-defined temperatures with the push of a button. The device has an adjustable flow rate (max. 120 L/min). Temperature and volume flow as well as a variety of built-in functions such as an auto-sleep function can be regulated with the silicone buttons. In addition, the system has an overheating protection system as well as a good cooling system that allows it to run for a very long time.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Touch sensor inside the handpiece
  • brushless vortex fan for more even air flow
  • automatic cooling function (standby) effectively protects against overheating of the heating element
  • Cold air function to cool components
  • Password protection and key lock function
  • With timer function and temperature compensation function
Übersicht Düsen ST-8800 Atten

Hardware Details

The ATTEN ST-8800D features precise control and MCU-based calibration. The LED screen for displaying working temperatures and working states makes it easy to operate and access the most important functions. The embedded sensor in the trigger piston enables an automatic sleep mode to save energy. The intelligent cooling system enables the maximum service life of the system. The device has an internal memory in which a number of frequently used temperature and airflow settings can be saved. Digital control for airflow classes (A25-A99). In addition to the hot air function, the device can also generate an air flow at room temperature to cool components.



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Introduction ST-8800D

Technical Data

ModelST-8800D Atten
Power800 Watt
Temperature range100℃ - 500℃
Temperature Accuracy (outgoing air)35℃
Flow rate (air)120 L/min (max) | 30 L /min (min)
Flow rate setting range10% - 100%
Available temperature units°F / °C
Standby cooling functionYes
Error detectionShort circuit
Quick access3 user-defined temperatures and flow rates
Temperature compensation50°C
Operating temperatur0℃~40℃


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