PEmicro PROG-HL-ARM Programming Software

The PROG-HL-ARM software from PEmicro enables programming of a wide range of ARM Cortex M processors.


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Product number: Prog-HL-ARM
Manufacturer: PEmicro


PEmicro's PROG-HL-ARM (PROGACMP) flash programming software for ARM® Cortex ™ processors lets you reprogram or rewrite external flash devices from many ARM device manufacturers via one of PEmicro's compatible Cyclone and Multilink hardware debug interfaces. The programmer communicates with the processor's background debug mode via a compatible hardware interface that connects a PC's parallel port or USB port to a mini-10 or mini-20 pin JTAG connector on the target system.

In addition to the GUI for ARM Cortex processors, the programming software also includes a command-line version of the CPROGACMP programming software for script-driven programming. Together, they are ideal for on-site production line development and programming or firmware upgrades.

Programming functions

The PROG-HL-ARM software is supplied with a full library of compatible programming algorithms from and support internal and external (SPI) Flash programming. Interactive programming commands are shown in the illustration on the right.

Programming commands include:

  • Program
  • Verify
  • Blank check
  • Upload
  • Display
  • Delete
Kommandos für interaktives Programmierung ARM

Licensing procedure

The activation license for the Prog-HL-ARM, is installed on the multilink debug probe, thus requiring one license instance per multilink. After selecting a multilink via the Hardware Connection Manager included in the USB Multilink Download Resources, the license is permanently installed on the selected device. The multilink can use the Prog-Hl-ARM software on any computer that has a version (must be the same as the license version) of the software installed. No license is required to use the programming software with Cyclone programmers, as all Cyclone models come with all PROG-HL-xxx software included. For more information on licensing, see the Hardware License Activation Guide.

Supported microcontrollers

Each programming software from PEmicro supports a wide range of microcontrollers. Visit our IC selection wizard or the overview of supported device families or contact us personally via mail, phone or chat to get information about the supported microcontrollers. We are happy to advise you!

Connection Manager

The Connection Manager allows easy debug configuration and connection to the target processor via a multilink or cyclone.


Script programming

Also included is a command line file that allows the user to create programming scripts to automate the programming process. The CPROG user manual describes the procedure for script programming.

Seriennummer icon

Serial numbers

To ensure tracking of your products, serial numbers are an important tool. The PROG-HL-ARM programming software includes the free Serialize Utility which can be used to program complex serial numbers in the GUI as well as in the command line version.

pemicro chip diagnostic mode

Chip Diagnostic Mode

Programming algorithms hypothesize whether the internal or external Flash is connected to the MCU via SPI, I2C or address/data bus interfaces. If these are not true, the "Chip Select Diagnostics Mode" can be used to analyze the necessary changes to the algorithm.

Compatible Hardware

Multilink ACP
The PEmicro Multilink ACP is an interface for debugging and programming ARM processors with JTAG or SWD.

PEmicro Multilink UniversalMultilink Universal
Multilink Universal
The PEmicro Multilink Universal is an interface for debugging and programming ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors.

PEmicro Multilink FX UniversalMultilink FX Universal
Multilink FX Universal
The PEmicro Multilink FX Universal is an interface for debugging and programming ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors

pemicro cyclone fx armCyclone FX ARM Header Layout
Cyclone FX ARM
The PEmicro Cyclone FX ARM is a standalone programmer for ARM processors and provide advanced safety functions.

PEmicro cyclone lc armpemicro cyclone lc arm header layout
Cyclone LC ARM
The PEmicro Cyclone LC ARM is a standalone programmer for ARM processors.

PEmicro cyclone lc universalpemicro cyclone lc universal header layout
Cyclone LC Universal
The PEmicro Cyclone LC Universal is a standalone programmer for ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors.

pemicro cyclone fx universalCyclone FX Universal Header Layout
Cyclone Universal FX
The PEmicro Cyclone FX Universal is a standalone programmer for ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors.