Siglent SAG1021I Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The SGA1021I from Siglent is a 25 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator


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Product number: SAG1021I
Manufacturer: Siglent


The SGA1021I is a 25 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator for use with the SDS5000X, SDS1000X-E, and SDS2000X-E four-channel oscilloscopes.

The function generator software option is also required for use.

Technical Data

SpecificationsSAG1021I - Small
Max. output frequency25MHz
Sample rate125MSa/s
Frequency resolution1 µHz
Frequency Accuracy±50ppm
Vertical resolution14-bits
Amplitude range-1.5 ~ +1.5 V (50Ω) / -3 ~ +3 V (High-Z)
Waveform TypeSine, Square, Ramp, pulse, Noise, DC and 45 built-in waveforms