SPC (ST Micro) Microcontroller Programmer & BDM Debugger

The SPC5 family of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers is designed for a wide range of automotive applications, from gateways, electromobility and ADAS to engine and transmission control, body, chassis and security. Based on a Power PC architecture, SPC5 microcontrollers offer up to 3 cores with up to 200 MHz. The tools provided by eVision Systems help you to reduce the complexity of application and product tests and to implement your application on your MCU without errors.

1. Compatible Debug Interfaces

The Multilink models greatly simplify programming and debugging of embedded target systems. They allow a PC to communicate with a target processor via a high-speed USB interface on the PC and a debug port on the microcontroller. The PC can then control the microprocessor through the target chip's debug port. Debug mode allows full control over processor operation, regardless of whether the processor has already been programmed. For example, a controlling application can access the memory from the CPU's point of view.

If you are new to on-chip debugging, you can access a short tutorial here.

The Multilink Series

Compatible multilink models for SPC5

  • The USB Multilink Universal, which is compatible with the ARM Cortex as well as the NXP Freescale and other devices. (see supported device list)

Common features of both models

  • Fast, trouble-free USB 2.0 communication interface

  • Draw your power directly from the USB port - no external power supply required

  • Multi-voltage support for targets from 1.6 to 5.25 volts

  • Contains all ribbon cables for all supported architectures


  • The Multilink FX Universal model, which, in addition to enhanced security and automation functions, enables debugging and programming at 4 to 10 times the speed. The FX Universal model supports the same wide range of MCU families as the Universal version plus devices from the MPC5xx/8xx and HC16/683xx series. (see supported device series)


SPC5 Flash Programming Software

The addition of the flash programming software PROG-HL-PPCNEXUS enables the Multilink to program flash memories and EEPROMs on the chip. The Multilink series in combination with the SPC5 programming software is suitable for both development and small series.

Supported Development Tools

NXP/Freescale CodeWarrior 10.6, IAR Embedded Workbench, Keil -Vision

  • Integrated support for Multilink Universal & FX as well as Cyclone Universal for debugging and programming


Atollic True STUDIO, KDS Kinetis Design Studio, Kosmische IDE & ZAP

  • Use the free PEmicro GDB Server to support the Multilink Universal & FX and the Cyclone Universal for debugging and programming


In addition, interface routines are available, consisting of a set of C libraries that allow calling the APIs for the BDM interface.


2. Compatible In System programmers

PEmicro's CYCLONE Flash Programmers are powerful tools for in-circuit programming, debugging and testing of microcontrollers (MCU), either in standalone mode or controlled from a PC. The PE Micro programmers are reliable, easy to configure and extremely easy to use.

Key Features

  • Stand alone programming
  • Delimitation and encryption of the programming image
  • Cyclone powers the target system
  • Manual and automated programming
  • Support for serial number setting
  • Use as a debug probe during development

Operating Modes

  • Interactive programming packages are provided for all supported CPU families.
  • Link to a PC: Multiple target programs downloadable. The Cyclone can then be used as a manually controlled, standalone flash programmer for on-chip or off-chip memory.
  • Control via a PC (Ethernet, USB, serial interface): Automated commands, batch commands or a C program from the DLL included in the package allow the Cyclones to be controlled.

Compatible Cyclone models for SPC5

pemicro cyclone fx universalCyclone FX Universal Header Layout
Cyclone Universal FX
The PEmicro Cyclone FX Universal is a standalone programmer for ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors.

PEmicro cyclone lc universalpemicro cyclone lc universal header layout
Cyclone LC Universal
The PEmicro Cyclone LC Universal (U-Cyclone) is a standalone programmer for ARM and 8/16/32 bit processors.