Siglent SDM3055 Digital Multimeter

The SDM3055 is a high quality digital multimeter with a memory depth of 10k.


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Product number: SDM3055
Manufacturer: Siglent


The Siglent SDM3055 has a memory depth of 10k, a measurement speed up to 150 Sa/s and 1 GB Nand Flash. Siglent's SDM3055 can be used to make true RMS measurements of AC voltage and AC current. With its intuitive menu navigation and convenience features, it makes it easy for users to perform measurement tasks and achieve more accurate measurement results. The SDM3055's 4.3" 480*272 pixel display gives a good overview of all functions and offers a resolution of 5 1/2 digits (240,000 counts).


  • True 5½-digit measured value resolution (240,000 counts)
  • Up to 150 rdgs/s measurement speed
  • True RMS ac voltage and ac current measurement
  • 1 GB NAND flash size, mass storage configuration files and data files
  • Built-in cold junction compensation for thermocouple temperature measurements
  • With simple, convenient and flexible PC software: EasyDMM
  • Standard interfaces: USB host, LAN (optional accessory USB-GPIB adapter)
  • Supports remote control operation via SCPI commands. Compatible with commands from mainstream multimeters
SDM3055 - Front 

Hardware details

The SDM3055 / SDM3055-SC is a digital multimeter with 5 ½-digit measurement resolution and dual display, specially designed to meet the requirements of high-precision, multifunctional and automatic measurements.


Product highlights


Synchronization multiple measurements

Technical Data

Model comparisonSDM3045X - Small
SDM3055 - Small
SDM3055-SC - Small
SDM3065X - Small
SDM3045X-SC - Small
max. Resolution4½ Digits5½ Digits5½ Digits6½ Digits6½ Digits
max. display value60,000240,000240,0002,200,0002,200,000
max. sampling rate150 Sa/s150 Sa/s150 Sa/smax. 10000 Sa/smax. 10000 Sa/s
memory depth10k historical record readings10k historical record readings10k historical record readings10k historical record readings10k historical record readings
InterfacesUSB Client, USB Host, LANUSB Client, USB Host, LAN, GPIB(optional)USB Client, USB Host, LAN, GPIB(optional)USB Client, USB Host, LAN, GPIB(optional)USB Client, USB Host, LAN, GPIB(optional)
DC voltage measurement range200mV-1000V200mV-1000V200mV-1000V200mV-1000V200mV-1000V
 AC voltage measurement range200mV-750V200mV-750V200mV-750V200mV-750V200mV-750V
DC current measurement range200µA-10A200µA-10A200µA-10A200µA-10A200µA-10A
Scanner CardNoNoYesNoYes


Das SDM-PB Zubehörprodukt von Siglent ist die ideale Ergänzung für die SDM3000X-Serie

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USB-GPIB Adapter
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