Siglent SSG5085A RF Signal Generator

The SSG 5085A is a powerful signal generator with a frequency of 20 GHz


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Product number: SSG5085A
Manufacturer: Siglent


Sieglent's SSG5085A signal generator provides an output frequency range of 9 kHz to 20 GHz and supports AM, FM and PM modulation, pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions.


  • Frequency up to 13.6 GHz / 20 GHz
  • 0.001 Hz resolution of frequency setting
  • Level setting range: -130 dBm ~ 25 dBm
  • Phase noise: -120 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset (typ.)
  • Level error ≤ 0.7 dB (typ.)
  • Provides analog AM, FM, PM modulation with internal, external or Int+Ext source.
  • Single pulse, double pulse and pulse train generator (option).
  • Power meter control kit can easily use the power meter to measure power, control output power and correct line loss
  • Capacitive 5-inch TFT touch screen, mouse and keyboard are supported
  • Web browser remote control on PC and mobile devices
  • Standard interface includes USB host, USB device (USB TMC), LAN (VXI-11, Socket, Telnet). Optional interface: GPIB

Hardware details

SSG5000A series has a standard OCXO reference hardware module, which ensures high-precision and high-stability signal output inside. It is designed for communications, aerospace, national defense and other fields. And it is suitable for various application scenarios such as R&D and production.

Product highlights


SSG500A - Introduction

Technical Data

Model comparisonSSG5083A-Small
SSG5085A - Small
Frequency rangeCW MODE 9kHz-13.6GHzCW MODE 9 kHz-20 GHz
Amplitude Resolution0.01dB0.01dB
phase noise-120 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz, offset 20 kHz (typical)120 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz, offset 20 kHz (typical)
External I/Q modulationNoNo