Passmark USB S.O.S Short Circuit Tester

The USB S.O.S. Passmark short circuit tester allows you to test USB ports for short circuits and over & under voltage.


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Product number: PM119
Manufacturer: Passmark


The USB S.O.S. Passmark short circuit tester allows you to test USB ports for short circuits, over & under voltage to identify defective USB sockets and to protect USB devices from damage.


  • Fastest and easiest ways to check terminal voltage and short circuit in USB ports and USB chargers.
  • Test overvoltage or undervoltage on the VBUS
  • Check for a short between VBUS and one of the data lines
  • Detect invalid voltage on data lines

Protect your USB devices

Protect your expensive USB devices by first connecting the PassMark USB SOS device to detect bad connections that would otherwise cause damage. The PassMark USB SOS device itself is nearly indestructible to test USB ports with protection up to +-100V. The large PASS sign turns green when all voltages are within specification.

Diagnose dangerous bad ports

Seven individual red LEDs indicate errors (beyond the specified voltages):










Compact design

The PassMark USB SOS Short Circuit Tester is the perfect addition to an essential PC repair kit.


USB short circuit tester in PC test kit

Technical Data

Device SpecificationPassmark-SOS-Short-Curcuit-USB-Tester-transparent
S.O.S. Short Curcuit Tester
Product CodePM119
Fault DetectionOver Voltage on VBUS, Under Voltage on VBUS, Short circuit between VBUS and any of the data lines, Invalid voltage on data lines
Pass Indicator1x Green "PASS" sign, Illuminates when all voltages are within the specification
Failure Indicators7x Red LEDs for indicating a bad voltage on VBUS, D+, D-, SSRX+, SSRX-, SSTX+, SSTX-
VBUS Red LED turns on if: 5.5V < VBUS < 7.75V
D+ or D- Red LED turns on if: V > 3.9V
SSRX+ or SSRX- or SSTX+ or SSRX- Red LED turns on if: V > 1.5V
Over Voltage ProtectionUp to +-100V (VBUS and data lines)
Operational Voltage3.85V - 5.5V
Operational Current90mA
Size66mm x 24mm x 15mm
(2.6 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches)
Weight15g (0.5oz)
Storage Temperature-30 ºC to + 80 ºC
Usage Temperature0 ºC to 70ºC
Part numberPM119
RoHS (Lead free)Yes

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