Siglent SPS5164X DC laboratory Power Supply

The SPS5164X is a DC laboratory power supply with two channels and has a max. output power of 720W.


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Product number: SPS5164X
Manufacturer: Siglent


The Siglent SPS5164X is a dual channel programmable DC switching power supply that provides a range of 0-160V 0-7.5A with a maximum output power of 720W (360W x 2).


  • Rated output voltage 40V, 50V, 80V, 160V
  • Rated output power 180W, 360W, 720W, 1080W
  • Wide voltage and current range, high efficiency power supply
  • CV, CC priority mode selection, better protection of the device under test
  • Load transient recovery time (load change from 50~100%) <1ms
  • Adjustable slew rate of output voltage and current
  • Set and read back resolution: 1 mV, 1 mA
  • Internal output discharge circuit, for faster output voltage step-down 
  • Remote voltage measurement
  • List function up to 50 steps (By manual input or imported via USB)
  • External analog voltage and resistance control of voltage or current output
  • External voltage and current monitoring output
  • OVP, OCP, LPP, OTP protection.
  • 2.4-inch OLED liquid crystal display with high brightness 170-degree viewing angle
  • Standard interface USB interface LAN Analog control interface
  • Optional USB GPIB module
  • 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 mounting case size
  • Embedded web server provides remote control via web browser without the need for drivers or software
SPS5164X - Front  

Hardware details

The SPS5000X programmable DC switch mode power supply series offer a wide range of output power with single and multi-channel output configurations and constant power capabilities. The series includes 16 models with voltages up to 160 VDC and power ratings up to 1080 W. The SPS5000X power supplies can be connected in series with 2 units or in parallel with 3 units. This allows for 0-320V and 0-270A and a maximum combined power of 3240 W. The SPS5000X feature a 2.4-inch high brightness OLED display and a user-friendly computer interface for easy control and power monitoring. Further, the power supplies offer high-resolution voltage and current settings, adjustable slew rates, list sequence programming via the front panel or standard LAN/USB interface, analog control, and overvoltage, current, power and temperature protection. The SPS5000X Series is the ideal choice for a variety of demanding markets, including commercial industrial, education, energy and power generation, general laboratory testing, LED lighting industry, and automotive electronics.

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SPS5000X - Introduction

Technical Data


SPS5000X-SEC Cable
The SPS500X-SEC is a cable for the SPS5000X series from Siglent.

SPS5000X-PAC Cable
The SPS500X-PAC is a parallel cable for the SPS5000X series of Siglent