Total Phase I2C Development Kit

Total Phase I2C Development Kit consists of an Aaardvark, a beagle, 2 x 10-pin split cables, 1 x I2C / SPI activity board and 2 two 1.83 cm USB A to B cables.


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Further information
Product number: TP120112
Manufacturer: Total Phase


The I2C Development Kit is a comprehensive and affordable kit that bundles the Aardvark Host Adapter and the Beagle Protocol Analyzer with essential accessories. The kit contains all parts required for debugging I2C projects.

With this kit it is possible

  • to operate target devices via the I2C bus as a master device.
  • Simulate I2C master or slave devices.
  • programming and testing I2C based memory devices.

For beginners and advanced users

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced developer, using the development and debug kit with I2C buses is intuitive and saves a lot of time.

Available software


I2C/SPI Activity Board
I2C/SPI Activity Board
The I2C/SPI Activity Board enables experienced developers to carry out a plausibility check.

10-Pin Split Kabel Grbber Clips10-Pin Verteilungskabel
10 Pin Split Grabber Clips Cable
10-pin gripper clip split cables with the individual strands make it easy to connect the I2C/SPI devices.

Level Shifter Board
Level Shifter Board
The Level Shifter Board enables voltage level conversion from 1.2V to 3.3V

Flash SOIC-8 Socket Board
Flash and Burn SPI Serial Flash chips that conform to the industry standard pinout in one of these standard chip packages: SOIC-8 (150 mil) or SOIC-8W (200 mil).

CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro
CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro
The CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro is the ideal tool to test and verify CAN and I2C slave devices

DVI DDC BreakoutDVI DDC Stecker
DVI DDC Breakout Cable
The DVI DDC Breakout Cable is a standard 2 meter DVI-D single link cable with an additional 5x2 0.100" pitch keyed box connector.

VGA DDC Breakout Cable
The VGA DDC Breakout Cable is a 2 meter VGA cable (HD15-male to HD15-male) with an additional 5x2 0.100" pitch keyed box connector.