Total Phase Total Phase I/O cable with test clips

The digital I/O cable features clamp-on test probes to connect the digital I/O interface to external logic.


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Product number: TP320710
Manufacturer: Total Phase


The digital I/O cable provides clamp-on test probes to connect the digital I/O interface of the Beagle USB-480 protocol analyzer and the Komodo CAN interfaces to external logic.


Digital I/O Cable with Grabber Clips offers Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer and Komodo CAN Duo Interface users the convenience of having grabber clips for connecting to external logic. Each individual wire is a different color and is labeled with the pin name for easy identification. The grabber clip is nominally 44mm long. The cap body width is 2.54mm wide and approximately 21.5mm long. The hook of the gripper clip is 0.51mm wide and has a maximum opening of 3.18mm. The connector is a standard mini-DIN9 connector for connection to the Beagle USB 480 protocol analyzer digital I/O port and the Komodo CAN Duo interface.

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