Passmark PC Test Kit

The PC Test Kit enables the comprehensive testing of a PC and contains 6 hardware tools.


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Product number: PM124
Manufacturer: Passmark


  • Professionally troubleshoot your computer and hardware components with nine comprehensive software tools on one bootable USB drive.
  • Simply plug and play to run all software directly from the UFD.
  • Ideal for PC professionals, technicians, and users who want the best in flexible and portable PC diagnostics software.

6 Hardware Tools

  • PassMark USB Flash Drive (UFD)
    Run software directly from the UFD on Windows 7 or higher - no installation or configuration required! Fantastic for PC technicians on the go!
  • MemTest 86 Pro USB Flash Drive (UFD)
    Bootable UFD with MemTest86 Pro. Comes with MemTest86 Pro preinstalled and ready to use. Also comes with a detailed user manual that provides simple step-by-step instructions for using MemTest86 to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory issues.
  • Inline power supply tester
    The easiest way to diagnose and troubleshoot your desktop PC power supply unit (PSU) without damaging the motherboard or other PC components and cables.
  • PCIe test card
    For troubleshooting and testing the speed, stability and voltage of your PCIe slots.
  • USB 3.0 loopback connector
    Test your USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. Diagnose port problems with BurnInTest or measure port speeds with USB3Test. This includes a USB cable (40 cm).
  • USB S.O.S. short circuit tester
    The fastest and easiest way to check terminal voltage and short circuit in USB ports and USB chargers.
  • Audio loopback cable
    The audio loopback cable consists of two high-quality gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plugs and allows you to perform sound card loopback tests with BurnInTest Pro.

PassMark’s bootable UFD comes with the following tools pre-installed:

Stress test of all important subsystems of a computer for endurance, Reliability and stability. Windows and Linux versions included, bootable on Linux.
Measure the impact of configuration changes and Hardware upgrades with an easy-to-use benchmark software.
Monitor the status of wireless adapters and WiFi access points in real time.
Quickly test and verify Check if all the keys on your computer keyboard work.
Examine the quality t and performance of computer monitors or LCD flat panel displays.
Monitor performance and diagnose problematic battery cells with detailed statistics.
Check the status of your Hard drive with SMART technology (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting).
The rebooter accessory for use with BurnInTest. Shut down, restart, or log off a PC.
You can put your computer to sleep to test if the transitions between sleeping and waking up your system are realistic.
Launch MemTest86 Pro from the USB drive to test the memory for errors.
You can monitor PSU stats including voltage, current, power, ripple and timing for each voltage rail.
Check the transfer speed, stability and voltage of your PCIe slot and diagnose, troubleshoot and test your PC's PCIe I/O functionality.


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